Transforming Customer Feedback into Quality Excellence

As a prominent automotive manufacturer based in Turkey, TOFAS consistently sought new avenues to enhance product quality, reduce defects, and empower their Research and Development (R&D) teams with valuable insights to deliver the ultimate customer experience in the automotive industry.

However, the company faced challenges in managing customer feedback, while collecting input from seven disparate channels. Before engaging with Artiwise for sustainable customer satisfaction in automotive, they grappled with a manual process, handling approximately 700,000 annual feedback entries.

Driven by the objective to establish a unified platform, coined "ONE VoC," and leverage it to enhance their quality processes and implement a comprehensive VoC strategy, the company sought a transformative solution, leading them to choose the Artiwise VoC solution for customer feedback analysis.

Thanks to the AI-powered features of the Artiwise VoC platform, TOFAS has achieved transformative results, including:

This proactive quality management, powered by artificial intelligence, has not only advanced their processes but also contributed to their overall VoC strategy. TOFAS R&D teams now receive actionable insights, shifting the approach from reactive problem-solving to a proactive one.

We extend our gratitude to Artiwise for their exceptional support in our project. Their commitment to excellence and advanced technological solutions have been instrumental in our success. From strategic planning to the integration of AI and machine learning, Artiwise demonstrated expertise and dedication. Achieving an 88% accuracy rate in data classification underscores the effectiveness of their solutions. Their proactive approach, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting our specific needs have significantly contributed to the efficiency of our continuous improvement efforts. We confidently recommend Artiwise as a trusted partner for organisations seeking innovative solutions and unwavering support in driving meaningful change.

Özcan Çavuşoğlu

Head of Product Quality Engineering

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