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A unified Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution enabling real-time insights and proactive actions

Holistic VoC Approach

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An Introduction to Artiwise's CX Platform

Enhance Customer Insight with Pattern Recognition and Smart Trend Analysis

The smart trend analysis tools enable real-time tracking of trends and topics that impact customer experience, allowing you to set alarms for potential pitfalls.

Unveil Key Drivers Behind
Your NPS & CSAT Scores

To boost NPS or CSAT scores, identify key performance factors, analyze their impact, and strategize improvements. Gain insights into potential score enhancements resulting from these decisions to refine your approach and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Extract Negative & Positive Insights from Vague Dialogues

Our AI technology skilfully performs sentiment analysis on inbound and outbound call transcripts, extracting key positive and negative insights even from vague dialogues. The platform also intelligently highlights recurring issues, enabling you to effectively address them and enhance overall communication quality.

Understand Customer Insights Through Root Causes

Artiwise's AI-driven root cause analysis goes beyond mere surface-level observations, uncovering the underlying factors driving customer satisfaction.

Discover Your Current NPS and CSAT Scores with a Holistic Approach

Integrated effortlessly with your customer contact channels, Artiwise offers a clear, singular view of VoC data, enabling you to understand and enhance customer satisfaction with precision.

Get a Granular Perspective
on Customer Satisfaction

Our date-based tracking widget offers a detailed view of NPS and CSAT scores over chosen timeframes, which enables you to discover and understand trends and shifts in customer satisfaction, empowering you to make informed, timely improvements.

Visualise Customer Interactions &
Diagnose Real Sentiments with Dialogue Analysis

Our advanced system meticulously examines both context and speaker dynamics in customer service conversations, providing a comprehensive understanding of the dialogue's context and the actors involved, enabling more effective customer engagement strategies along with customer sentiment and service gap analysis.

of Calls

Root-Cause Tags

Agent &
Customer Analysis

What our Customer Says

AI-Powered Features for an Effective Voice of the Customer Analysis


Customer Insights

Industry-Specific AI Modelling


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Artiwise VoC Platform different from other solutions?
Artiwise VoC Platform stand out from other solutions by offering a robust AI-driven analysis of customer interactions across various channels. Unlike traditional platforms, it emphasizes deep insights through sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning to understand customer needs and behaviour comprehensively. It also offers root-cause analysis, anomaly detection, advanced filtering options, and comparison reports to help you achieve sustainable customer satisfaction.
Why are traditional surveys inadequate for capturing the full voice of the customer, and how does Artiwise address this gap?
Traditional surveys often provide limited and sometimes biased insights, due to the lack of context. Artiwise VoC platform addresses this gap by analysing real-time customer interactions across multiple channels, providing a more holistic and unbiased view of customer sentiments and experiences.
What is the Proof of Concept (POC) service offered by Artiwise, and how does it benefit potential clients?

Thanks to its pre-trained models that are already attuned to the unique challenges of each industry, Artiwise VoC Platform provides instant insight reports based on your feedback data, offering immediate value in the POC stage. In cases where clients require further modification and customisation to meet specific needs, Artiwise can adapt and deliver these tailored solutions within only just one week. This quick turnaround ensures that you can swiftly benefit from advanced AI insights tailored to your specific operational context.

Why is root cause analysis significant for the voice of customer processes?

Root cause analysis is significant for the voice of the customer processes because it helps you identify the underlying reasons and factors that affect your customer experience and satisfaction. This analysis enables you to understand the real causes of customer complaints, problems, or praise and take appropriate actions to address them.

What range of industries benefits from implementing Artiwise's VoC platform, and are there industry-specific features?

Artiwise is versatile and can be used in various industries, including retail, automotive, telecommunications, and finance. Thanks to its customisable AI modelling, its adaptability to industry-specific needs is one of its strengths, offering tailored analytics and insights.

Do I need to hire an engineer or an additional person to implement or use the Artiwise VoC platform?

Implementing Artiwise does not necessarily require hiring new technical staff. The platform is designed for user-friendliness, and Artiwise provides comprehensive training and support programme for its clients, including initial onboarding sessions, a wealth of training materials like manuals and tutorials, and regular customer success sessions, allowing for continuous learning and adaptation to the platform’s evolving features.

How does Artiwise ensure seamless integration with existing CRM and support systems?

Artiwise is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and support systems through several methods due to your preference on data synchronisation, facilitating a more efficient and insightful customer experience. 

What data security measures does Artiwise implement to protect sensitive customer information?

Artiwise typically adhere to stringent data security protocols, including encryption, secure data storage, and compliance with global data protection regulations to safeguard sensitive customer information.

Curious to delve into a VoC solution that goes beyond surveys?

Let's meet to discuss how the Artiwise VoC platform can enable you to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction.