Artiwise Agent Quality Assurance Module

Monitor, evaluate and train contact center agents effectively with the AI-powered Artiwise VoC platform to increase operational efficiency in your contact centre!


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Explore a All in One Solution to Enhance Contact Center Productivity and Customer Experience

Artiwise goes beyond standard call center software, offering a complete Voice of the Customer solution powered by AI. Designed to enhance your team's skills in meeting customer needs, it improves agent efficiency and reduces customer turnover.

Through in-depth conversation analysis, it enhances both agent and customer experiences, providing unparalleled insights into customer issues, contact center operations, and agent performance—all seamlessly integrated into one platform.

How to Boost Agent Perfomance with Artiwise

Utilise a Feedback Loop

- Monitor agent interactions in real-time via Artiwise VoC platform

- Provide immediate feedback on performance, highlighting areas for improvement and strengths.

- Enable agents to quickly adjust behaviors and enhance their skills during customer interactions.

Get Insights for Creating Targeted Training and Coaching

- Analyze data from the Artiwise to identify specific training needs for agents.

- Develop personalized training programs focusing on communication, product knowledge, etc.

- Conduct regular coaching sessions to provide individualized support and guidance for improvement.

Set Achievable Goals

- Utilize generative AI driven data to set realistic performance goals for agents.

- Motivate agents to strive for excellence by aligning goals with organizational objectives and customer satisfaction targets.

Create a Continous Improvement Culture

- Reach up to date agent performance data make informed decisions about the contact center operations.

- Test and learn continously to improve contact center agent productivity metrics.

Voice of the Customers (VoC) Solution Suitable Across Industries

Benefits of Artiwise for Enhancing Customer Service Teams & Contact Center Operations

Customer Satisfaction

Compliance with quality standards ensures improved customer communication and heightened satisfaction levels.

Operational Efficiency

Automated evaluation of 100% of calls streamlines the evaluation process, contributing to overall operational efficiency in the contact center.


Insightful customer feedback and performance metrics motivate agents to strive for excellence, fostering a culture of high performance within the contact center.

Decision Making

Leveraging data-driven contact centre metrics supports informed decisions regarding staffing, training, process improvements, and customer experience initiatives.

Effective Performance

Gauging agent performance against predefined standards enables benchmarking and the establishment of achievable improvement targets.


Analysis of communications and agent performance offers valuable insights into the customer experience, guiding targeted process enhancements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Artiwise Benefit the Contact Centres with Its Agent Quality Assurance Module?

Artiwise benefits the contact centres by ensuring adherence to quality standards during customer interactions, thus increasing customer satisfaction. It identifies training needs, improves agent performance through feedback and metrics, provides insights into the overall customer experience, and contributes to operational efficiency by automating evaluation processes.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Artiwise Agent Quality Assurance Modules?

Artiwise is a highly customizable VoC solution developed with industry-specific AI models. Therefore, it can be used by companies in any industry to enhance operational efficiency and unlock sustainable customer satisfaction.

How Does Artiwise Calculate Call Centre Agent Productivity?

The agent quality assurance module tracks various performance metrics such as call resolution time, call handling time, number of calls handled, customer satisfaction scores, and adherence to quality standards. These metrics provide insights into the productivity levels of individual agents.

Can the agent quality assurance module compare agent performance?

Yes, the agent quality assurance module can compare agent performance by evaluating and showcasing agent performance metrics and adherence to quality standards, allowing managers to identify top-performing agents and areas for improvement.

How does Artiwise demonstrate its effectiveness through a Proof of Concept (POC)?

Artiwise provides a complementary Proof of Concept (POC) service, designed as a one-week project to showcase the platform’s capabilities. During this period, Artiwise analyses your contact centre data using its advanced VoC platform. The POC aims to identify and present key bottlenecks in your contact centre operations, offering a practical demonstration of how Artiwise VoC Platform can bring valuable insights to empower your customer service teams.

Ready to Keep Your Agents Engaged and Customers Satisfied with Artiwise?

Contact us for a one-week complimentary POC session where we'll explain how Artiwise can help you make informed decisions in contact centre operations and improve your CX initiatives.