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Artiwise's VoC platform is your partner in transforming shopping experiences into loyalty drivers. Track customer journeys from start to finish, and define strengths and weaknesses related to stores, products, and experiences to make informed strategic decisions. Reach your first tailor-made insight report now!

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Tap Into Customer Service Excellence in Retail with a Data-Driven Approach

Artiwise is an AI-powered Voice of the Customer platform that enables tracking customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, delivering detailed insights into customer spending habits and loyalty.

Discover Artiwise now to benefit from AI-powered VoC analytics tools that streamline strategic decision making.

Why Manage Your Voice of the Customer Strategy with Artiwise?

Get Store-Based Analysis for Tailored Decisions

Store-based analyses take centre stage in the Artiwise VOC platform, highlighting exceptional stores and conducting cross-geographical queries. Uncover detailed regional and store-specific insights to drive targeted actions.

Track Customer Satisfaction Swiftly and Effectively

Harness the power of customer feedback on campaigns and discounts. Track satisfaction levels, monitor prominent root causes, and optimise strategies for a more engaging and satisfying customer journey.

Create Tailored Strategies with Actionable Insights

Gauge price and quality perceptions on a product basis for strategic decision making. Simultaneously, address process-specific challenges, such as returns, product variety and store layout.

Transform Online and Physical Experiences

Elevate experiences by measuring and comparing physical and online interactions separately. Uncover insights to fine-tune strategies for a seamless, integrated customer journey.

Decode Customer Satisfaction in the Retail
and CPG Industry with Artiwise's AI-Powered, Holistic VoC Approach

  • Analysis for

    CSAT & NPS

  • Store-Based

    Sentiment & Root-Cause Analysis

  • Topic-based

    Trends Analysis

  • NPS & CSI

    Impact Analysis

Stop Relying on Survey Data to
Drive Customer Acquisition and Retention!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Artiwise VoC platform specifically cater to the needs of the retail and CPG industry?
Artiwise offers a tailored, real-time Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform, enabling businesses to capture and analyse customer interactions from multiple touchpoints. This provides deep insights into customer journeys, product quality, and shopping experiences, vital for understanding and enhancing the consumer experience.
In what ways does Artiwise VoC Platform contribute to strategic decision-making in retail and CPG businesses?

Beyond analysing customer interactions, the Artiwise VoC platform facilitates informed strategic decision-making by providing regional and store-specific insights, and identifying each store’s strengths and weaknesses. It also assists in making informed decisions about product ranges by analysing customer perceptions, such as price and quality.

How does Artiwise help brands analyse customer feedback to categorise and understand diverse product features in their extensive inventories?

Artiwise is adept at analysing customer feedback to categorise various product features for retailers, especially those with extensive inventories. By employing advanced natural language processing, the platform skillfully segments and classifies feedback related to different product attributes. This process allows retailers to gain a deep understanding of how customers perceive and interact with various product features. Such detailed categorisation is invaluable for tailoring product development, marketing, and positioning to better align with customer preferences and enhance overall satisfaction.

Can Artiwise track and analyse customer sentiment over time?

Yes, Artiwise VoC Platform is capable of tracking and analysing customer sentiment over time, allowing retail businesses to understand evolving customer preferences and react proactively to market trends.

How does Artiwise aid retail and CPG companies in enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction?

Artiwise provides detailed feedback analysis that helps retail and CPG companies identify areas for product improvement and customer service enhancements, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. By identifying patterns and trends in this feedback, Artiwise VoC Platform helps them prioritise issues based on their frequency and impact on customer satisfaction, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively.

How does Artiwise enhance operational efficiency in businesses with multiple service points by capturing feedback across different channels?

Artiwise streamlines operational efficiency by capturing and analysing customer feedback across various channels –  including contact centre calls, online reviews, and texts – identifying key operational bottlenecks and areas for improvement. This comprehensive feedback analysis enables businesses with multiple service points to optimise their workflows and reduce wait times. By integrating insights from diverse feedback sources, Artiwise ensures that service quality enhancements are well-informed and effectively address customer needs, leading to an improved overall service experience at each point of interaction.

Can Artiwise help retail businesses in benchmarking their products and services against competitors?

Artiwise is instrumental for retail businesses in benchmarking their products and services by providing comprehensive competitive analysis. Based on customer feedback, the platform analyses customer feedback and market trends to offer insights into how a retail business’s offerings compare with those of its competitors. This includes aspects such as product quality, customer service, pricing, and overall customer satisfaction. By leveraging these insights, retail businesses can identify areas where they excel or need improvement, helping them to strategize effectively to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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