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Artiwise's VoC platform will guide you to stay competitive in the telecommunications industry. Track and combine operational, customer, and experience insights to keep your teams aligned and informed while delivering the ultimate customer experience. Get your first insight report.


Deliver the Ultimate Experience in the Moments That Matter

The Artiwise VoC platform enables tracking inbound and outbound interaction channels quickly and seamlessly. This holistic approach allows teams to take actions aligned with the customer's journey.

Explore our state-of-the-art solution now. Increase customer satisfaction, and revenue while preventing customer churn.

Why Manage Your Voice of the Customer Strategy with Artiwise?

Smart Trend Analysis for Strategic Decision Making

Through its interactive dashboards, the Artiwise VoC platform visualises channel-based topic trends in customer interactions. This enables companies to make more informed decisions, adapt to changing customer needs with agility, and stay competitive.

Uncover Underlying Customer Sentiments

Extend beyond positive-neutral-negative sentiment analysis. Gain nuanced insights into customer moods and preferences, allowing more accurate issue priorisation, ensuring resources are allocated to the most impactful areas, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Leverage AI-powered Dialogue Analysis

Leverage advanced AI to dissect and understand the dynamics of customer calls. Our platform not only traces the trajectory of customer conversations but also uncovers underlying patterns and trends. By identifying why certain calls may start positively but end on a sour note, telecom providers can proactively adjust their communication strategies to prevent future dissatisfaction.

Holistic Approach to Customer Journey

Combining customer interaction insights from inbound and outbound channels, Artiwise enables companies to take a comprehensive approach to the customer journey and make tailored decisions.

Decode Customer Satisfaction in the Telecommunications Industry with Artiwise's AI-Powered VoC Features

  • Analysis for

    CSAT & NPS

  • Real Time

    Sentiment & Root Cause Analysis

  • Actionable

    Customer Insights

  • Topic based

    Trend Analysis

  • NPS & CSI

    Impact Analysis

Stop Relying on Stale Survey Data to Create Engaging and Personalised Experiences

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Artiwise's AI-powered platform help telcos gain deeper insights into customer sentiment and satisfaction across various channels?

Artiwise offers a comprehensive voice of the customer (VoC) platform which analyses unstructured data like texts and conversations, revealing hidden trends and emotions. This allows you to understand customer pain points with a 360-degree view, identify churn risks, and prioritise areas for improvement.

the Artiwise VoC platform can be a powerful tool for uncovering hidden customer trends and gaining a deeper understanding of your current NPS and CSAT scores. It goes beyond simply providing surface-level data by employing advanced AI and machine learning techniques to extract rich insights from various customer touchpoints, including calls, surveys, social media, and online reviews.

Telecoms often struggle with siloed data and conflicting priorities across teams. How can Artiwise VoC break down these barriers and empower faster, more strategic decision-making?

Artiwise VoC Platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for agile, collaborative decision-making. It unifies customer channels, tracks interactions in real-time, and delivers actionable insights like fault alerts and churn risks directly to relevant teams. This live pulse of customer sentiment fosters instant collaboration, empowering informed, strategic decisions that keep your telecom ahead of the curve and your customers smiling.

How quickly can Artiwise implement industry-customised AI modelling?

Artiwise VoC Platform offers rapid implementation of industry-customised AI modelling in just one week. It ensures tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of various players across the telecommunication industry.

How can Artiwise automate tasks to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs for telecommunication companies?

Artiwise automates alerts such as sentiment analysis, anomaly detection, and proactive issue identification, allowing your team to focus on complex matters and personalised customer interactions.

How does Artiwise help telcos in identifying and preventing customer churn?

Artiwise analyses customer sentiments around specific products or services detects negative experiences, and suggests relevant retention strategies. Early intervention with personalised offers or support can prevent churn.

Can Artiwise assist telcos in gaining a competitive edge through data-driven customer experience?

Artiwise provides actionable insights based on customer feedback, including competitor analysis and industry trends. This allows you to tailor your offerings to better address customer needs and preferences.

How successful is Artiwise in managing and analysing large volumes of customer feedback?

Artiwise excels in handling substantial volumes of customer feedback efficiently, designed for industries with extensive customer bases. Its advanced AI capabilities enable it to process, categorise, and analyse large amounts of feedback data, providing telcos with valuable insights from their extensive customer base.

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