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14 May 2024 |

Guide for Transforming for a Proactive CX Management with Artiwise Nowadays, there is a decline in customer satisfaction across almost...

14 March 2024 |

It is not surprising that customer satisfaction is more than a buzzword in today’s competitive landscape. Meeting customer needs through...

29 February 2024 |

It is undoubtedly true that achieving sustainable customer satisfaction through unparalleled customer experiences is the main differentiating factor for today’s...

19 February 2024 |

Decoding Customer Satisfaction in the Automotive Industry As a prominent player in the automotive industry, MAİS realised the importance of...

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10 June 2024 |

Contact centres serve as the frontline of customer interaction, making them crucial in creating lasting impressions and fostering customer loyalty....

24 May 2024 |

We are thrilled to announce that Artiwise has been recognized at the prestigious AI World Series Awards, securing not one,...

29 April 2024 |

Generative AI is one of the most promising technologies for businesses to increase operational efficiency, automate analysis practices, and improve...

Success Stories

11 March 2024 |

Transforming Customer Feedback into Quality Excellence As a prominent automotive manufacturer based in Turkey, TOFAS consistently sought new avenues to...

19 February 2024 |

Decoding Customer Satisfaction in the Automotive Industry As a prominent player in the automotive industry, MAİS realised the importance of...

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24 May 2024 |

We are thrilled to announce that Artiwise has been recognized at the prestigious AI World Series Awards, securing not one,...

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Artiwise enhance strategic decision-making and brand reputation in the automotive industry?

Artiwise offers a specialised VoC ‘feedback analysis’ for the automotive sector, enabling businesses to analyse customer interactions across service, sales, and quality processes in real-time. This aids in making strategic decisions with precision, identifying issues, and offering insights to improve brand reputation and service quality. The platform’s distinct tracking of service, sales, and quality elements allows for a focused approach to critical issues.

How does Artiwise achieve a unified customer feedback view across various channels like calls, online reviews, and texts?

Artiwise excels in gathering and analysing customer feedback from a wide array of sources, including contact centre calls, online reviews, and texts. By employing advanced AI and natural language processing techniques, the platform is capable of processing this varied data to extract meaningful insights. It consolidates feedback from these disparate channels, analysing them in unison to form a comprehensive and holistic view of customer sentiments and experiences. This integrated approach allows businesses to capture a complete picture of customer satisfaction and areas of concern, transcending the limitations of single-channel feedback analysis, make informed decisions and tailor their strategies based on a complete understanding of customer feedback, ensuring a more customer-centric approach in their operations.

How does Artiwise's dealer module support dealer performance and customer journey improvement?

The dealer module allows the headquarters to monitor the status of each dealer closely, facilitating targeted actions for improvement. Dealers can access the system to review their performance, customer complaints, and areas of improvement, aiding in enhancing the customer journey in sales and service by providing insights at each step.

How does Artiwise enhance product quality in the automotive production cycle by leveraging real customer feedback at key moments?

Artiwise plays a pivotal role in improving product quality in the automotive production cycle by harnessing real customer feedback at crucial moments in the customer journey with an evident impact seen with its current clients directly applicable to the production process. This approach has enabled automotive manufacturers to pinpoint and rectify quality issues, innovate in line with customer expectations, and adapt features to better meet market demands.

Can Artiwise provide rapid, industry-customised AI modelling' for the automotive sector?

Artiwise is uniquely positioned to offer rapid, industry-specific AI solutions for the automotive sector, thanks to its pre-trained models that are already attuned to the unique challenges of the industry. These models enable Artiwise to provide instant insight reports based on your data, offering immediate value in the POC stage. In cases where clients require further modification and customisation to meet specific needs, Artiwise can adapt and deliver these tailored solutions within just one week.

How does Artiwise contribute to improving the customer journey in automotive sales and service?

Artiwise significantly improves the ‘customer journey’ in automotive businesses by providing deep insights from various touchpoints, including sales interactions, service appointments, customer inquiries, and feedback channels. Artiwise provides prioritisation areas of customer satisfaction and pain points. In sales, this might involve personalising the buying experience or adjusting marketing tactics. In service, it could lead to more efficient service processes or targeted after-sales support. Overall, Artiwise’s contributions lead to a more responsive, customer-centric approach, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty in the automotive industry.

Can Artiwise's VoC platform be customised for specific automotive dealers?

Yes, Artiwise VoC platform can be tailored for specific dealers, offering sentiment analysis, root cause analyses, and comparative reports, enabling targeted actions for each dealer in a hierarchical order.

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