Stop Relying on Regular CSAT Surveys and NPS Score Tracking Discover Artiwise to Strategise CX Initiatives to Boost NPS and CSAT

Artiwise analyses NPS and CSS with AI, defining key performance factors affecting your customers' perceptions towards your brand, products, and services. The platform also showcases the actions that should be taken to improve NPS and customer satisfaction.

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Unlock Higher NPS and CSAT with Artiwise

Artiwise is far beyond regular customer feedback management platforms. It is a comprehensive VoC solution that not only tracks actionable customer insights from multiple channels but also defines an organisation's current NPS and CSAT scores with root cause and sentiment analysis, providing strategies to improve customer experiences.

Explore Artiwise to see how your customer experience initiatives will affect your overall CSAT and NPS scores.

How to Improve NPS with Artiwise

Gather All Customer Feedback Together for Improved NPS

Connect all customer communication channels including call center calls, surveys, online reviews, chatbots, and social media with Artiwise to consolidate bulk customer feedback data.

Analyse Feedback with Artificial Intelligence

Utilize Artiwise's AI-Powered VOC Platform to transform all this feedback into actionable insights. Root-cause analysis will help uncover the underlying factors driving customer satisfaction, with recurring issues and pain points automatically identified.

Analyse Customer Journeys to Reveal Potential Net Promoter Score Enhancements

Following the discovery of insights and root causes, Artiwise will reveal the roadblocks encountered at every step of your customer journey. This overview will aid in arranging the initial actions necessary for improving your customer journey.

Identify the Critical Drivers of NPS and CSAT with Impact Analysis

Artiwise will assist in identifying key performance factors through Impact Analysis to boost NPS or CSAT scores. By analysing their impact and strategising improvements, you can prioritise actions required for enhancement.

Cross Check and Monitor

While analysing the reasons for detractors to understand their concerns in more detail is important, also determine what dissatisfies your promoters and has the potential to turn them into detractors.

Keep Learning and Improving Your NPS Score

Consistently compare your current situation with previous periods and monitor trends. Regularly review and refine processes to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

AI-Powered NPS and CSAT Impact Analysis Features Suitable Across Industries

We Guarantee Sustainable
Customer Satisfaction with Artificial Intelligence

CX Approach

Combining multiple channels on a unified CX platform for tracking actionable customer insights in real-time with a 360-degree view.

VoC Analysis

Ensuring sustainable customer satisfaction with the power of AI-based Voice of Customer analysis, pinpointing critical bottlenecks in customer experience.

Decision Making

Empowering strategic decision-making with industry-specific AI modeling and sentiment-driven CX ROI calculation, all within just one week of our rigorous POC analysis.

Artiwise: VoC Solution Equipped with Sentiment Analysis AI Capabilities for Different Roles & Teams

Benefits of Artiwise for Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience

Enables Monitoring Overall Customer Satisfaction

The top reason customers switch brands is because they feel unappreciated.

Allows for Creating Personalised Experiences

80% of customers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalised experiences.

Analyses Current CSAT & NPS Scores

Combining both NPS & CSAT scores together offer actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Helps Capturing Customer Expectations

66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.

Creates a Customer-Centric Vision

Companies with a customer experience mindset drive revenue 4-8% higher than the rest of their industries.

Improves the Quality of Customer Service Operations

96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NPS (Net Promoter Score)?

NPS is a metric gauging customer loyalty by assessing their likelihood to recommend your brand or product. It relies on a single question: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us?” Respondents are categorised as Promoters (score 9-10), Passives (score 7-8), or Detractors (score 0-6). The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.

What is CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)?

CSAT measures customer satisfaction regarding a specific product, service, or interaction, usually using a rating scale (e.g., 1-5). The CSAT score is calculated by dividing the number of satisfied customers (usually rating 4 or 5) by the total number of survey responses and multiplying by 100.

How can I make an NPS calculation?

NPS is determined by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. The score ranges from -100 to +100.

How is CSAT calculated?

CSAT surveys ask customers to rate their overall satisfaction. The CSAT score is the percentage of satisfied customers (those rating 4 or 5).

When should you measure NPS?

Measure NPS periodically (e.g., quarterly or annually) to assess overall customer loyalty and identify improvement areas.

When should you measure CSAT?

CSAT is best for specific touchpoints, like after a purchase or service interaction, to promptly address pain points.

What’s the difference between NPS and CSAT?

NPS focuses on overall brand loyalty, while CSAT is transactional and specific to products or services. NPS tracks long-term loyalty, while CSAT highlights short-term satisfaction.

Which metric is better: NPS or CSAT?

Both are valuable. NPS offers insights into loyalty trends, while CSAT pinpoints specific issues. Using both provides a holistic view of customer experience. Therefore, it is best to always aim for a higher net promoter score and customer satisfaction score.

Can I use NPS and CSAT together?

Yes, NPS and CSAT scores complement each other. NPS provides a big-picture view, while CSAT delves into details. Use NPS for strategic decisions and CSAT for tactical improvements.

How can I improve my NPS or CSAT scores with Artiwise?

Artiwise enables the collection of actionable customer insights from multiple channels and analyses customer feedback through sentiment and root cause analysis. With its robust VoC analytics capabilities, the platform identifies the primary drivers behind your current CSAT and NPS scores. Additionally, it offers insights into the actions necessary to enhance these scores and how such improvements will impact your overall performance. Therefore, by leveraging Artiwise’s AI-powered features and comprehensive reports, you can elevate your NPS score effectively.

What’s an ideal NPS or CSAT score?

There’s no universal ideal score; it varies by industry and context. It is best to aim for continuous improvement rather than a specific number.

Ready to Boost NPS and CSAT Scores with AI-Powered VoC Solution Artiwise?

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