Improved Experience for Both Customers and Agents

Analyse interactions with AI-powered tools to gain invaluable insights into customer issues, sentiment trends, and agent performance altogether. The Artiwise VoC platform provides a complete picture, enabling effective operational decision-making.






Service Quality

Employee Performance


Proactive Issue

Identification & Resolution


Quality Assurance


Uncover a Swift and
Distinctive Method to Analyse Thousands of Customer Interactions

Artiwise's VoC platform goes beyond surveys. It's a holistic interaction analysis solution with instant insight capabilities that improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure quality assurance. Now, you can quickly diagnose call quality and identify areas for improvement through agent and call-based analyses.

These actionable insights empower you to monitor agent performance and evaluate call recordings effectively, identifying opportunities and bottlenecks that affect overall service quality. Elevate your VoC strategy with Artiwise – where AI meets VoC management.

Boost Customer
Support Efficiency

  • Utilise smart trend discovery for proactive management.

  • Unveil customer support roadblocks.

  • Understand the root causes of customer complaints.

  • Track performance instantly with automated alerts.

Sit Next to Your Customers & Deliver the Ultimate Experience

  • Make informed decisions with AI-powered interaction analysis.

  • Gain invaluable insights into customer issues, trends, and sentiments.

  • Empower agents with actionable customer interaction insights.

  • Enhance service quality to drive sustainable customer satisfaction.

Drive Operational Excellence

  • Use hierarchical dashboards for in-depth performance analysis.

  • Detect CSAT scores and gain insights for improvement.

  • See detailed analyses and summaries of interactions from a single view.

  • Effectively monitor agent call quality performance and possible inputs to reduce AHT.

By unifying communication channels and utilising AI-powered analysis, Artiwise enables contact centres to streamline operations and address bottlenecks, thus elevating operational efficiency and service quality in a data-driven way.

Experience Artiwise's free POC assessment. In just one week, we provide a comprehensive, tailor-made customer insight report, helping you gain valuable insights and develop actionable strategies for improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Artiwise elevate contact centre operations, and what are its key benefits?

Artiwise is a comprehensive voice of the customer (VoC) solution using AI to analyse customer interactions and providing insights for improved decision-making. It empowers teams to proactively identify customer support roadblocks, resulting in reduced response times, increased first contact resolution rates, and overall improved customer satisfaction.

How does Artiwise provide a complete customer view for making informed decisions and building a strong VoC strategy?

Artiwise facilitates comprehensive customer understanding by analysing data from various channels, using AI to interpret sentiments and trends. This helps in shaping effective VoC strategies and making informed decisions based on real customer insights.

How does Artiwise help in understanding the root causes of support needs?

Artiwise identifies patterns and common issues with AI-powered ‘root cause analysis’, helping contact centres understand and address the root causes of inquiries for enhanced ‘customer support’.

Can Artiwise help in effectively handling customer feedback?

Yes, Artiwise offers ‘actionable insights’ into both customer and agent experience. This empowers managers to identify areas for improvement and deliver delightful support experiences, directly impacting customer satisfaction.

How does Artiwise optimise agent performance?

The Artiwise CX platform visualises and analyses inbound and outbound customer interactions. This way, it provides contact centre professionals with insights into agent performance metrics, such as ASA, AHT and FCR. Teams can use these insights to track and improve the agents’ performance.

How does Artiwise ensure rapid response to emerging customer support issues?

Through ‘predictive analytics’, Artiwise can forecast customer inquiries and trends, allowing management to be better prepared for future customer interactions and quickly address problems before they escalate. This feature protects the brand’s reputation and bottom line.

How quickly can Artiwise implement industry-customised AI modelling?

Thanks to its pre-trained models that are already attuned to the unique challenges of each industry, Artiwise VoC Platform provides instant insight reports based on your feedback data, offering immediate value in the PoC stage. 

In cases where clients require further modification and customisation to meet specific needs, Artiwise can adapt and deliver these tailored solutions within only just one week. This quick turnaround ensures that you can swiftly benefit from advanced AI insights tailored to your specific operational context.

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