CX Intelligence Platform for Lifting Your Location-Based Services

Seize the power of real-time customer insights to transform on-site customer experiences. Discover the Artiwise VoC platform to elevate customer satisfaction in each location with real-time and actionable customer insights.

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Transform Location-Based Operations with Artiwise's AI-Powered VoC Analytics

Move beyond the limitations of traditional survey tools and embrace a future where decision-making is driven by real-time, AI-Powered customer insights.

Artiwise's VoC platform is designed to craft unparalleled customer experiences in diverse settings, be it retail stores, hotels, dealerships, branches, or service points. Experience the power of AI in identifying growth opportunities, automating key actions, and shaping strategic decisions. This is not just technology; it's a game-changer for your on-site operations.

Utilise Hierarchical Dashboards for Enhanced Location Performance

  • Leverage our sophisticated AI-driven tools for in-depth monitoring and effective goal-setting at each location, specifically designed for granular monitoring and effective goal-setting across your locations.

  • Gain layered insights, fostering a refined approach to elevating service standards and enhancing customer satisfaction in each unique location.

Enhance In-Person Interactions with Tailored Customer Insights

  • Go beyond conventional service models to deliver outstanding customer experiences at every point of contact.

  • Learn and adapt from each customer interaction, utilising our specialised VoC analytics and continuously evolve in cultivating deep, enduring customer loyalty within your location-based operations.

Acquire a Unique Location Intelligence

  • Seamlessly integrate our CX intelligence platform with your existing tech solutions to unlock new levels of operational efficiency and customer understanding.

  • Elevate your ability to make informed, strategic decisions based on location-specific customer insights from every channel.

We Can Help You Unleash the Full Potential of Location-Specific Intelligence

Discover how our VoC platform not only gathers real-time, actionable insights but also equips you with the essential intelligence to effectively manage service, supply chain, delivery, and returns - crucial for ensuring consistently high customer satisfaction across all your locations.

Work with us on a complimentary POC, where we'll work closely to explore and enhance the specific needs of your local operations, revealing the full potential of tailored location intelligence in your hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Artiwise enhance customer experience management for location-based businesses?

Artiwise leverages in-depth customer feedback analysis to identify specific areas where customer service can be enhanced. This enables businesses to fine-tune their services and atmosphere, aligning them more closely with customer expectations for improved satisfaction. Additionally, by offering actionable insights derived from customer feedback, Artiwise empowers decision-makers to make well-informed decisions regarding their service offerings, product selections, and customer engagement approaches, ensuring a tailored and satisfying customer experience.

How can Artiwise help location-based businesses in managing customer feedback across different regions?

Artiwise VoC Platform enables businesses to aggregate and analyse customer feedback from various regional outlets, providing a unified view that helps in identifying region-specific trends and issues and tailoring strategies accordingly.

Does Artiwise provide real-time feedback analysis for immediate service improvements?

Yes, Artiwise offers real-time feedback analysis, enabling businesses to quickly identify and address customer service issues as they arise, ensuring an immediate positive impact on the customer experience.

How can Artiwise help in crafting a delightful customer experience by facilitating the understanding of diverse customer needs?

By analysing a wide array of customer feedback with in-depth sentiment and root cause analysis, Artiwise VoC Platform helps you understand the varying needs and preferences of your diverse customer base, leading to more effective and personalised customer service and product offerings.

How does Artiwise VoC Platform aid in managing hierarchical organisational structures in multi-location businesses like hotel chains and dealership networks?

Artiwise facilitates hierarchical data analysis, enabling higher management to oversee and compare performance across various locations, while also allowing individual locations to access insights relevant to their specific operation.

How does Artiwise help in managing and improving the online reputation of businesses like hotels and restaurants?

Artiwise analyses online reviews and feedback, providing insights that help businesses proactively manage their online reputation, respond effectively to customer reviews, and implement changes that improve public perception.

How does Artiwise enhance operational efficiency in businesses with multiple service points by capturing feedback across different channels?

Artiwise streamlines operational efficiency by capturing and analysing customer feedback across various channels –  including contact centre calls, online reviews, and texts – identifying key operational bottlenecks and areas for improvement. This comprehensive feedback analysis enables businesses with multiple service points to optimise their workflows and reduce wait times. By integrating insights from diverse feedback sources, Artiwise ensures that service quality enhancements are well-informed and effectively address customer needs, leading to an improved overall service experience at each point of interaction.

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