14 March 2024 |

Achieving Sustainable Customer Satisfaction with Artiwise VoC

It is not surprising that customer satisfaction is more than a buzzword in today’s competitive landscape. Meeting customer needs through the right channels, messages, and personalised experiences is a critical benchmark for organisations to survive and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Creating VoC Strategies

Research from McKinsey indicates that 70% of executives think that transforming CX operations to provide a better customer experience is the top priority to keep up with the future of the business landscape.

The optimal course of action here is more than just transforming CX operations for improved performance or efficiency.

It is about developing a comprehensive VoC strategy that leverages technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), to deliver a personalised customer experience consistently and proactively, thereby enticing customers.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Artiwisean AI-powered VoC platform that makes sustainable customer satisfaction achievable for organisations across industries.


Defining Sustainable Customer Satisfaction

Before delving into Artiwise, it is important to acknowledge what sustainable customer satisfaction entails.

Customer experience (CX) is more than a transactional metric; it’s the make-or-break factor for organisations. Imagine stepping into a retail store – it’s the products, store layout, and a helpful smile from the crew. Customer experience (CX) encompasses every interaction, from marketing to customer service, and it evolves with external forces. It’s the consistency that greets customers by name, the long-term relationships nurtured beyond sales, and the products and services that resonate with customers.

Delivering the best possible customer experiences and connecting them with customer journeys creates the rhythm of delight and trust, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction. In fact, 70% of experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

So sustainable customer satisfaction refers to the ongoing process of meeting and exceeding customer expectations over time. It involves consistently delivering high-quality products or services, promptly addressing customer needs and concerns, and continuously handling customer feedback to enhance the delivered experience.

Achieving this requires a continuous improvement culture, including VoC solutions and strategies capable of listening to the customer’s voice, extracting actionable customer insights, and turning them into informed strategic decisions.

Building this improvement culture with the right VoC strategies enables strong relationships with customers, fosters loyalty, and ultimately drives long-term success and revenue growth.

Research shows that companies that excel at CX grow revenues 4-8% above their market. Additionally, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by 25-95%.

Now that we’ve explored the true meaning of sustainable customer satisfaction and why it is important, let’s dive into how Artiwise makes it possible.


Artiwise VoC: AI-Powered Platform for Sustainable Customer Satisfaction

Voice of the Customer (VoC) encompasses the desires, needs, preferences, and expectations of customers regarding a product or service. It serves as the collective feedback, opinions, and requirements of customers, forming the bedrock for quality improvements.

Artiwise provides a comprehensive VoC solution powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Its innovative approach to VoC analytics, driven by AI-powered voice of the customer techniques, sets it apart in the realm of customer feedback analysis.

Distinguished by its AI-driven methodology, Artiwise offers a unique VoC analytics solution, delivering actionable insights derived from diverse customer feedback.

What sets Artiwise apart is its ability to customise its solution to meet the specific requirements of various industries. This adaptability makes it a versatile and effective tool for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s ever-evolving market landscape.

Artiwise guarantees sustainable customer satisfaction by combining the power of Artificial Intelligence, a holistic VoC approach, VoC analysis features, and strategic decision-making support.

Here is a closer look at Artiwise’s unique system of VoC management and how Artiwise unlocks all the benefits of VoC (Voice of Customers) strategies.

“Companies now need to focus on providing the best experience rather than just delivering products or services. To do this, it is necessary to individually examine customer feedback, the emotions expressed during calls to the call center, or questions and answers written through the company’s chat application, and then analyse them collectively to identify problematic areas and customer feedback related to your company.” – Tanel Temel – CEO of Artiwise


Holistic VoC (Voice of Customers) Approach

Modern consumers demand seamless experiences from brands across all touchpoints. Studies show that 89% of customers remain loyal to companies that consistently deliver satisfactory experiences through an omnichannel customer experience (CX) strategy.

To achieve sustainable customer satisfaction, it’s imperative to establish a Voice of Customer strategy that incorporates multiple channels. 

Holistic VoC Approach

Artiwise, as a comprehensive VoC tool, collects and analyses big data from various communication channels—including calls, texts, and online reviewsto provide a holistic view of customer sentiments and trends.

While many organisations heavily rely on survey-based tools, which only capture 7% of the customer’s voice, this approach is limited, reactive, and lacks focus. Artiwise stands out by offering a multichannel approach enhanced with real-time customer sentiment analysis, covering both inbound and outbound channels.

This method delivers deeper and more timely insights. The platform analyses customer insights with root cause analysis and sentiment analysis features.

Artiwise’s continuous analysis of spontaneous customer feedback provides businesses with an authentic and comprehensive understanding of customer opinions, facilitating more accurate and actionable customer insights.


AI-Powered VoC (Voice of Customers) Analysis & Reporting

Artiwise’s VoC (Voice of the Customer) platform provides organisations with an in-depth analysis of their NPS and CSAT scores and the key drivers shaping the customer experience.

Artiwise seamlessly tailors its functionality and AI models to suit the specific requirements and goals of its users across various industries. For instance, it empowered Renault MAİS, a key player in the automotive sector, to efficiently analyse customer feedback using AI-driven solutions. 

Similarly, Halkbank, one of Turkey’s leading financial institutions, achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in foreclosure operation costs through the automation of tasks within the department, facilitated by Artiwise.

VoC Analytics

Artiwise’s real-time customer feedback tracking capabilities allow customer experience leaders and team members to explore current customer trends and topics impacting CX. Thanks to its easy-to-navigate interface and smart trend analysis tools, CX teams can set alarms for potential pitfalls.

Moreover, the platform’s AI capabilities demonstrate potential NPS improvements based on specific actions and offer tailored recommendations, making it a versatile solution for businesses across various sectors for improving CSAT and NPS scores.


Strategic Decision Making Support

Artiwise empowers businesses to make strategic choices by effectively leveraging real-time customer feedback. 


Artiwise Customer Sentiment Analysis

Through its platform, users gain actionable customer insights to drive informed decisions, enabling the assessment of returns on investment (ROI) from satisfaction efforts and monitoring the impact of actions on Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT).

“Artiwise has made numerous contributions to us in analysing the customer experience journey. Now, we can practically and quickly analyse customer feedback, automatically break down Google comments, and thoroughly analyse all positive and negative feedback from our customers. This allows us to proactively create action plans for addressing necessary issues.” – Hüseyin Yusufoğlu, CX Director at MAİS.


We Can Identify the Bottlenecks and Opportunities in Your CX Operations in Just One Week!

Artiwise offers more than just a VoC platform; it’s a complete solution for gathering real-time insights and taking proactive steps, crafted by innovators who embrace the power of AI. 

We understand that true customer satisfaction goes beyond traditional surveys; it requires a dynamic, immediate approach. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive solution that integrates both inbound and outbound customer communication channels. 

Our adaptable VoC platform, driven by AI, transcends industry boundaries. Partnering with Artiwise means navigating and leading in the new era of sustainable customer satisfaction, where understanding and responsiveness set the standard.

Artiwise VoC Platform provides instant insight reports based on your feedback data, offering immediate value, even in the POC stage. Let’s meet to create your Voice of Customer strategy in just 1 week with our free, personalised POC service. 


Ready to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction? Explore the Artiwise today!

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