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Identifying Agent Performance Bottlenecks

Our platform provides insights that reveal shortcomings in agent performance to improve outcomes with informed decisions.

Service Quality Insights

Utilize near real-time insights and AI-powered decision support to maintain consistent service levels.

Need for Data Analysis

Harness our AI-powered data analysis tools for comprehensive insights.

Adapting to New Channels

Integrate seamlessly with various communication platforms for a holistic view.

Data Management

Secure and efficient handling of large volumes of customer data.

Actionable Insights

Extract and utilize critical information from call and text dialogues to improve customer experiences.

Provide the Best-in-Class BPO with Artiwise VoC

At Artiwise, we specialise in an AI-powered Voice of Customer (VoC) platform, designed to enhance your call centre operations with a holistic CX approach, AI-powered VoC analysis, and strategic decision-making. Our cutting-edge technology provides real-time quality monitoring and actionable insights, tailored for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.

Why Partner with Artiwise?

Curious to delve into a VoC solution that goes beyond surveys?

  • Improve Quality and Efficiency:

    Streamline customer interactions with precise AI-driven insights.

  • Offer Value-Added Services:

    Enhance your service portfolio with advanced analytics.

  • Advanced Analytics for Clients:

    Deliver comprehensive data analysis and actionable insights to your clients.


Ready to Enhance Your Call Center Operations?

We can provide a complimentary Proof of Concept (POC) service to showcase our platform capabilities and how we can help you offer seamless operations for your customers.