Decoding Customer Satisfaction in the Automotive Industry

As a prominent player in the automotive industry, MAİS realised the importance of building a solid Voice of the Customer (VoC) strategy that would enable them to convert diverse and bulk customer feedback into actionable insights.

However, since their strong sales numbers attract a large customer base, MAİS faced a significant challenge in understanding and improving customer satisfaction. With an annual influx of around 200,000 feedback entries from various sources, the company struggled to manually analyse and extract meaningful insights.

Beyond these challenges, MAİS aimed to achieve the following objectives:

For a transformative solution, the company turned to the Artiwise VoC solution for customer feedback analysis.
Thanks to the AI-powered features of the Artiwise VoC platform, MAİS achieved remarkable results, including:

Analysing feedback from multiple channels, such as Google Reviews, Sales VoC surveys, and Service VoC surveys, on a single platform.

Gaining a granular understanding of customer journeys and touchpoints, including sales and service

Identifying and addressing issues at the dealer level to proactively support and guide dealers based on data-driven insights

Leveraging AI-powered VoC tools, such as root cause analysis and trend analysis widgets, to make strategic decisions

“Artiwise has made numerous contributions to us in analysing the customer experience journey. Now, we can practically and quickly analyse customer feedback, automatically break down Google comments, and thoroughly analyse all positive and negative feedback from our customers. This allows us to proactively create action plans for addressing necessary issues.”
Hüseyin Yusufoğlu, CX Director at MAİS.

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