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Sustainable Customer Satisfaction

Converting actionable customer insights into effective strategies with an AI-powered Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution.

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We Guarantee Sustainable
Customer Satisfaction with Artificial Intelligence

CX Approach

Combining multiple channels on a unified CX platform for tracking actionable customer insights in real-time with a 360-degree view.

VoC Analysis

Ensuring sustainable customer satisfaction with the power of AI-based Voice of Customer analysis, pinpointing critical bottlenecks in customer experience.

Decision Making

Empowering strategic decision-making with industry-specific AI modeling and sentiment-driven CX ROI calculation, all within just one week of our rigorous POC analysis.

Leverage Voice of the Customer with Artiwise:
Go Beyond Traditional Surveys

Artiwise is not just another customer experience management solution; it is a unique VoC platform extending beyond surveys. Discover the unparalleled value of Artiwise, where we tap into all actionable customer insights, wherever and whenever they are.

4 Common Issues of Survey-Based Customer Feedback Management Platforms



of the customer voice is shared with CX leaders.



of CX leaders are confident that their organisation can take action on CX issues in near real-time.



of CX leaders think that surveys allow them to address the root causes of performance



of CX leaders believe their CX measurement system enables them to calculate a decision’s ROI

Source: 2020 McKinsey Customer Experience Survey

Gain customer experience insights that truly matter for business growth - in 3 steps.

Integrating Multiple Channels for Real-Time & Actionable Insights

Exclusively relying on surveys for managing the voice of customer processes offers a limited, reactive, and unfocused approach to strengths and weaknesses in CX operations. 

That's precisely why we have developed our VoC strategy based on a powerful multichannel approach enriched with real-time sentiment analysis that goes beyond surveys, encompassing inbound and outbound channels. This comprehensive customer experience approach ensures unwavering customer satisfaction, fostering long-term success.

AI-Powered VoC Analysis
& Reporting

Artiwise VoC platform provides an impact analysis of your NPS score and the key factors influencing CX using artificial intelligence, demonstrating how much your NPS will increase.

Instead of allocating 10 people per month to analyse 100,000 minutes of the voice of customer data, we can identify customer pain points, sentiments, and needs in just one day.

So, we offer an AI-powered holistic VoC platform equipped with a wide range of analysis and reporting capabilities.

Inspiring Strategic Decisions
with Actionable Insights

We empower our customers with personalised POC projects, using available data to define their VoC strategies in just one week.

Additionally, we facilitate strategic decisions based on the value derived from real-time customer feedback. Our approach provides actionable insights for informed decision-making, allowing measurement of ROI on satisfaction initiatives and tracking the effectiveness of actions on NPS scores.


AI-Powered Features for an Effective Voice of the Customer Analysis


Customer Insights

Industry-Specific AI Modelling

Decoding Customer
Satisfaction in the
Automotive Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Artiwise VoC Platform uniquely benefit businesses apart from other solutions?
Artiwise stands out from other platforms with its advanced AI-driven approach to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics, uniquely benefiting businesses by transforming diverse customer feedback into actionable insights. Its ability to seamlessly integrate and analyse data from various communication channels, such as calls, texts, and online reviews, provides a comprehensive view of customer sentiments and trends. Unlike other platforms, Artiwise’s customisation capabilities ensure it meets the specific needs of different industries, making it a versatile and effective solution for businesses looking to stay ahead in today’s dynamic market environment.
How does Artiwise address the challenges that businesses face with traditional customer surveys in effectively capturing comprehensive customer sentiments?

Artiwise’s real feedback analysis offers a more dynamic and comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments compared to traditional surveys. While surveys provide structured feedback at specific intervals, Artiwise analyzes real-time, unstructured feedback from various channels like social media, emails, and customer service interactions. This approach captures a broader range of customer emotions and experiences, providing deeper and more timely insights. Unlike surveys, which may suffer from low response rates and bias, Artiwise’s continuous analysis of spontaneous feedback offers a more authentic and holistic view of customer opinions, leading to more accurate and actionable insights for businesses.

How does Artiwise demonstrate its effectiveness through a Proof of Concept (POC)?

Artiwise provides a complimentary Proof of Concept (POC) service, designed as a one-week project to showcase the platform’s capabilities. During this period, Artiwise analyses your customer feedback data using its advanced VoC platform. The POC aims to identify and present key bottlenecks in your customer experience operations, offering a practical demonstration of how Artiwise VoC Platform can bring valuable insights to enhance your CX strategy.

How does Artiwise help businesses handle customer feedback from different channels?

Artiwise VoC Platform uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to analyse all your customer feedback from different channels and provide you with actionable insights. It also offers root-cause analysis, anomaly detection, advanced filtering options, and comparison reports. With Artiwise, you gain a holistic view of customer feedback presented in a user-friendly dashboard, making it easier to interpret and act upon. For more detailed information on how Artiwise can transform your customer feedback into valuable business insights, we invite you to visit our Platform Overview page.

In which industries can Artiwise’s VoC platform be used?

Artiwise is highly customisable, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific challenges and requirements of different industries, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in diverse business contexts.

How does Artiwise aid in predictive analytics and strategic planning?

Artiwise employs predictive analytics to forecast future customer trends and behaviours, empowering businesses to proactively adapt their strategies and stay ahead in dynamic market environments.

Curious to delve into a customer feedback
management solution that goes beyond surveys?

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