18 March 2024 |

Crafting Winning CX Strategies with Artiwise


We can all assume that a superior CX strategy can differentiate a brand, foster customer loyalty, and create a competitive advantage. Yet, considering today’s customers’ changing expectations in the digital age, focusing only on monitoring and optimising customer touchpoints might not be enough to elevate CX.

Winning CX Strategies

According to Gartner’s report,Creating a High-Impact Customer Experience Strategy,” “CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, outperforming brand and price combined. Delivering an easy and convenient interaction experience creates a good impression, but not one that lasts.”

This means the key challenge lies in building a strategic CX roadmap that creates sustainable customer satisfaction, including a proactive and holistic approach. To help CX leaders out, through this blog post, we’ll define the elements of an effective CX strategy, take a look at current CX challenges, and share tactics to elevate CX with Artiwise Voice of Customer platform.


Understanding the Elements of an Effective Customer Experience Strategies

Crafting an impactful customer experience strategy entails more than merely reacting to customer demands; it necessitates foresight and surpassing expectations.

The seismic shifts in consumer behaviour catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic have propelled millions towards digital-first interactions with brands, marking a pivotal moment where the significance of customer experience (CX) across all channels is paramount for a brand’s prosperity.Customer experience now permeates every facet of a company’s operations and offerings, underscoring its integral role in driving success.

A robust customer experience strategy blends a company’s customer service priorities and practices with overarching business objectives, furnishing a structured approach to manage, measure, comprehend, and analyse customer feedback.

Forrester’s comprehensive research showcases the constituents of a robust customer experience strategy, comprising:

  • A Unified Vision: A shared vision across departments serves as the north star guiding all customer-centric initiatives, fostering alignment and coherence in organisational efforts.
  • In-Depth Customer Understanding: An intricate comprehension of the company’s diverse customer segments, their preferences, pain points, and aspirations lays the foundation for tailored and effective CX initiatives.
  • Holistic Gap Analysis: A rigorous gap and customer experience analysis encompasses meticulous assessments of existing CX capabilities, identifying areas ripe for enhancement and formulating comprehensive plans to bridge these gaps.
  • Strategic Roadmap: A well-defined roadmap delineates the trajectory from current CX standing to envisioned future states, charting a clear path towards CX excellence.
  • Accountability Mechanisms: Robust accountability procedures ensure all team members remain steadfastly aligned with the overarching CX strategy, fostering ownership and commitment at every level of the organisation.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Precisely defined KPIs serve as yardsticks for measuring and analysing the efficacy of CX initiatives, furnishing actionable insights to drive continuous improvement and refinements.


The Top 4 Challenges of CX Leaders in 2024

So far, we’ve discussed the importance of an effective CX strategy and what key elements are needed to create effective ones. Still, most CX leaders encounter some common challenges when it comes to putting their vision into action.

Here are some challenges that most CX leaders face when creating CX strategies to boost NPS and increase customer satisfaction.


Enhancing CX Strategies with the Right Technological Tools

Currently, there are hundreds of customer experience solutions and tools to choose from, making it challenging for CX leaders to identify the right one that will deliver value and provide strategic decision-making support to elevate CX operations.

Professionals aiming to enhance their CX operations and strategies need to focus on implementing comprehensive VoC (Voice of the Customer) platforms into their arsenal.

These platforms should be able to track customer feedback from multiple channels, provide real-time customer insights, suggest the next best actions to improve NPS and demonstrate how CX operations will impact outcomes through robust NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) impact analysis.

For example, Artiwise VoC platform consolidates all customer communication channels into a single interface, analyses real-time customer insights using root-cause and topic-based sentiment analysis, identifies key performance factors by analysing their impact with NPS and CSAT impact analysis, and implements strategic improvements.


Providing Personalised and Omnichannel Strategies

Delivering omnichannel experiences isn’t just advantageous; it’s imperative. According to a study by the CMO Council, a staggering 85% of consumers express a preference for engaging with brands through a combination of digital and physical channels.

On average, customers engage with a brand across 20 different channels, underscoring the importance of maintaining consistency throughout these interactions. 

This necessitates CX leaders to meticulously gather and analyse vast troves of customer data to grasp individual behaviours and preferences. Crafting seamless experiences across various customer touch points, a hallmark of omnichannel strategies, presents a formidable challenge, requiring the integration of technologies to ensure uniform messaging and service delivery across all channels.

The implementation of effective, personalised, and omnichannel strategies demands sophisticated VoC data analytics capabilities, a resilient technology infrastructure, and agile business processes capable of swiftly adapting to shifting customer preferences and behaviours.


Keeping Up with Changing Customer Expectations and Needs

Customer expectations are constantly evolving, driven by factors such as technological advancements, cultural shifts, and changes in market dynamics. 

CX leaders must continuously monitor these changes to anticipate and meet customer needs effectively. Failing to keep pace with evolving expectations can result in dissatisfaction and loss of customers to competitors who offer more relevant and compelling experiences. 

Furthermore, as customers become more discerning and demanding, simply meeting expectations is no longer sufficient; CX leaders must strive to exceed expectations to differentiate their brand and foster customer loyalty. This necessitates a proactive approach to innovation, agility in responding to market trends, and a deep understanding of customer motivations and pain points.


Elevating Employee Experience (EX)

Employee experience (EX) plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Engaged and empowered employees are more likely to deliver superior service, exhibit genuine empathy towards customers, and contribute to a positive brand image. 

However, ensuring a positive employee experience is a multifaceted challenge that involves addressing various factors, such as workplace culture, training and development, employee recognition, and alignment of employee goals with organisational objectives.

CX leaders must invest in creating a supportive work environment where employees feel valued, equipped with the necessary tools and resources to excel in their roles, and empowered to make decisions that benefit both customers and the organisation.


4 Ways to Elevate CX with Artiwise VoC

Artiwise is not only a customer experience solution; it is a unique VoC platform encompassing a holistic CX approach that combines multiple channels, AI-powered VoC analysis features, and strategic decision-making support.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the Artiwise VoC and the CX strategies you can apply with it to effectively prevent challenges.


Take a Holistic Look at Customer Feedback

Artiwise seamlessly integrates and analyses data from various customer communication channels, such as calls, texts, and online reviews, providing a comprehensive view of customer sentiments and trends.

This holistic approach automatically identifies friction points across customer journeys, enabling a deeper understanding of customer needs and expectations, and providing a consolidated view essential for strategic planning and operational guidance.

For example, with Artiwise you can:

  • Create a unified customer feedback analysis structure
  • Elevate your CX operations according to customer feedback
  • Ensure a personalised and engaging experience
  • Make improvements to your customer service and products according to customer insights



Strategise CX Operations with Actionable Customer Insights

Artiwise brings sophisticated VoC analytics tools to CX leaders’ desks, unifying and analysing vast amounts of customer feedback, conversation, and support data, with advanced AI-driven analysis features. This creates actionable intelligence, crucial for developing customer-centric strategies​​.

Artiwise Customer Sentiment Analysis

With Artiwise you can:

  • Understand the root causes of hidden problems and your customers’ sentiments, 
  • Strategise your CX operations according to these actionable insights,
  • Explore how much your NPS and CSAT will increase with these actions.


Benefit from Artiwise’s AI-Powered VoC Capabilities

As we’ve discussed, customer experience leaders need to utilise VoC solutions with robust technological features to create and maintain effective CX strategies.

Equipped with  Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, Artiwise not only analyses customer feedback for sustainable customer satisfaction but also provides CX leaders with customisable, industry-specific algorithms enabling them to create strategies tailored to their industry.

For example,

  • CX leaders in the automotive industry can utilise Artiwise to analyse customers’ sales and service journeys and make improvements accordingly.
  • Retail & CPG CX leaders can get store-based analysis for generating detailed regional and store-specific insights to drive targeted actions.
  • Finance and banking CX leaders analyse banking and insurance customer journeys and get actionable insights to elevate online and digital experiences.


Empower CX Team Members with Feedback

Companies with satisfied employees outperform those without by 202%. So improving the employee experience is not a nice-to-have; it is a necessity for a company’s success.

Artiwise includes an employee monitoring and evaluation module, analysing calls and chat conversations in customer service with AI-powered dialogue analysis tools. This enables the evaluation of employees’ performance and provides insights into more effective communication, aiding in training agents with actionable insights.

With Artiwise, you can both evaluate your employees’ performance and motivate them by:

  • Leveraging employee feedback analysis
  • Creating a more positive workplace culture
  • Providing more focused and achievable goals for employees


We Can Elevate Your CX From Top to Bottom

Artiwise provides a complimentary POC service, designed as a one-week project to showcase the platform’s capabilities.

During this period, Artiwise analyses the bulk customer feedback data using its advanced VoC platform and identifies and presents key bottlenecks in CX operations.

Artiwise is a highly customisable VoC solution offering pre-trained, industry-specific AI modelling capabilities to meet the specific challenges and requirements of different industries, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in diverse business contexts. 

Here are some examples of how Artiwise can help understand customer journeys in various industries, like automotive, telco, and retail, and contribute to the goals of brands in these industries.

Ready to revolutionise your customer experience management with Artiwise? Let’s meet to discuss how the Artiwise VoC platform can enable you to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction.

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